Saturday, January 1, 2011


感激你们 爱或恨我


2011年 往目标宗旨也许会更接近

但也别忘了告诉自己 我会更爱自己

1. 调整身体吧!使用过度就是武力。

2. 身体充电的方法有两种。一种是透过休息来自动充电;还有一种是好好地吃饭来消除身体的疲劳。灵和精神也是如此。

3. (产生力量的方法)必须跟对方产生施与受的授受关系,才会按照思考的方向产生力量,像电流一样。

4. 藉由肉体施与受以及藉由内心施与受,人是以这种相对性授受关系的法则存在的。所有东西也是如此。

5. 地球也为了存在,以本身的力量和相对的力量持续自转和公转,不停息地运转。

6. 钟摆也一样,依照「启动就摇摆」的法则,持续地左右摆动与运作来完成任务。人也必须在一旁透过言语和行动来摇动他、触动他,他才会运作。

1. Control/take care of your body well. Doing too much is force.

2. There are two ways to recharge the body. One is to make it recharge automatically by resting. Another is to recharge the body by eating well and actively relaxing the body. The same is true for the spirit and mind also.

3. (The way to generate power) A give-and-take relationship in which you give-and-take with a partner must exist. Then power will be generated like electricity according to the direction of their thinking.

4. People exist through the principle of give-and-take relationship in which they give-and-take through the body and give-and-take through the mind. All matter exists that way too.

5. The earth also spins and orbits by its own power and by the power of its partner and moves without stopping in order to exist.

6. A clock’s pendulum does its job by continually swinging from side to side once it is moved. People too: they must be shaken and touched with words and action by people around them. Then they will operate.

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